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Who We Are


The idea of making Shea Butter was sparked by the birth of my son. I knew without a doubt I did not want to use products with unnatural ingredients on him and so my journey of creating my homemade Shea butters with natural ingredients began. I kept this journey to myself, because I was unsure of how it would be received by my family and friends. During this journey as family and friends visited they would ask for lotion, being that I did not use lotion I presented them with my butters.


They would always ask me, "Why are you keeping this product to yourself?" With this positive energy, I took the leap of faith and birthed the second best thing of my life Kebago Body Essentials in 2019. This was no small feat, however, my product has been met with love from all whom use it. I continue to master my craft and keep an listening ear for feedback from all. Kebago reminds me of my home Trinidad and Tobago with all it's natural fruits and glory. My dream which will become a reality, is to provide my product to everyone all over the world. I truly believe with passion and genuine conviction Kebago Body Essentials will be a household name. 


Thank you for your support & patronage!


Sheafully Yours,


Kebago Owner

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